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NPI Advocate
- Without Metro & Sound Transit, the Eastside’s traffic problems would be much worse

[Oct 19, 23:32 PT]  The Seattle Times is running a story in tomorrow’s print edition about the 48th LD state Senate race, which pits well-liked State Representative Cyrus Habib against Republican Michelle Darnell, an attorney. Habib, who captured over 63% of the vote in the August Top Two election, is considered to be a shoo-in, but... read more

The Stranger Blog
- The Stranger's Endorsements for the November General Election! (Plus CHEAT SHEET!)

[Oct 19, 11:00 PT]  [Image] JAMES YAMASAKI This is a demolition derby of a ballot, caked with mud and soaked in ugly. We have needy Metro buses crashing up against slack-jawed yokels with Monorail fantasies. (SPOILER: We aren't siding with the Monorail fantasists this time!) We have two dueling and confusingly intertwined measures about how... read more

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Politics Northwest
- Democratic activist who pushed for Seattle Park District will run for City Council

[Oct 17, 23:09 PT]  Michael Maddux spent the better part of ayear mullingwhether to pursue a seat on Seattle's City Council. The agonizing started last November, whenvoters approved a ballot measuremoving the council to representation based on geographic districts for its 2015 election,says Maddux , whomade up his mind this week. He'll give... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Vote No on Seattle Citizen Petition 1 (New Monorail Agency)

[Oct 17, 07:04 PT]  [Image] wikimedia It’s not very often that Seattle Transit Blog recommends rejection of a proposal to devote more resources to transit. Indeed, some board members voted for one or more of the monorail’s previous measures. However, the latest incarnation, "Seattle Citizen Petition 1," attempts to address a real... read more

Politics Northwest
- Muni League recommends "no" vote on Seattle bus funds

[Oct 15, 19:55 PT]  The Municipal League of King County suggests a "no" vote on Seattle's Proposition 1, which would raise sales taxes and car-tab fees to pay for more city bus service. The measure amounts to "something close to ablank check," the League says. Its statement criticized the shifting nature of the campaign -- first to save... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Seattle Times: Yes on Prop. 1

[Oct 15, 11:45 PT]  [Image] The Seattle Times Op-Ed board: Seattle’s hourglass geography, increasing density and booming economy demand a world-class transit system. Metro still has work to do to restore lost credibility, but the benefits outweigh the costs. Vote yes on Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1. Many people... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Seattle Transit Blog meetup Oct. 20

[Oct 14, 15:30 PT]  Join Seattle Transit Blog and Sound Transit staff for a Meet-Up Monday Oct 20 from 5-7 p.m. The venue will be Ok toberfest-friendly Altstadt in Pioneer Square. This is your chance to chat with STB writers and editors as well as ST’s new communications director Craig Davison. Other ST planning and operations staff... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Vote Yes on Transportation Proposition 1

[Oct 14, 07:47 PT]  Seattle needs more bus service. Prop 1 will deliver it. [Image] Seattle is booming. According to the latest census forecasts, Seattle is now the fastest-growing large city in America. Between 2000 and 2014, we added almost 80,000 residents inside the city limits. Judging by all the construction cranes dotting the skyline,... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Waterspout Hits Southern Puget Sound: First Tornado Warning Here in 17 Years

[Oct 13, 20:32 PT]  On Saturday around noon, several of you were startled to get a tornado warning on your smartphones. The cause: a waterspout that developed near Anderson Island in the southern Sound and which remained intact for about a half-hour. Here are some pics I found on the KOMO and KING-5 web sites. An extremely well-formed funnel... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Please Photograph Transit

[Oct 13, 11:45 PT]  [Image] My black & white conversion of a Central Link train approaching SoDo Station I encourage you to please take photos of transit. That full or almost full bus you’re riding on? Get a picture – then post to the Seattle Transit Blog Flickr Group. It helps lobby politicians for more transit service a lot... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: We do not have an endless amount of money

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring: last night's Sound Transit meeting at Northgate and Wisconsin.


Health Care
Blog Town, PDX
- Good Morning, News: Welcome Home, Secret Space Shuttle! Welcome Back, Racist Texas Voter ID Law! Bon Voyage, Christmas Tree Shaped Like a Buttplug!

[Oct 18, 10:53 PT]  Property tax season is upon us! Sing like the angels! And guess what? Bills, along with property values, are going up, up, up, and up. Why? Because of this new bubble we're in and how it's breaking the chains of Oregon's byzantine rules around tax "compression." Thanks, Supreme Court! Texas will be allowed to use its... read more

- Strangest reason to legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon

[Oct 17, 19:30 PT]  With Oregonians starting to vote by mail on Measure 91, which would legalize recreational marijuana in this state, naturally I had to make this the theme of my most recent Strange Up Salem column in our alternative paper, Salem Weekly. (Feel free to give Strange Up Salem a Facebook "like." Strange is good. This... read more

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Blog Town, PDX
- Good Morning, News: Murders! Coffee! Infections! Secretive String-Pulling!

[Oct 17, 09:44 PT]  Was this murder? Or a horrible accident? An Olympia man was found bleeding with a head wound on West Burnside, near the Burnside Bridge, after paying some friends in town a visit. He also was found, the cops say, without his pants and wallet. He died later, and now his family is wondering why the Portland Police Bureau... read more

Politics Northwest
- Celis and DelBene spar on Hobby Lobby, government spending

[Oct 15, 19:54 PT]  Democratic U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene and her Republican challenger Pedro Celis returned to their former employer Wednesday for a televised debate at Microsoft's Redmond campus. Both candidates for the 1st Congressional District seat are Microsoft alums - Celis a top database software engineer and DelBene a marketing vice... read more

PERRspectives Blog
- Abortion? The Google Doctor Can't See You Now

[Oct 15, 17:30 PT]  [Image] As the Washington Post among others reported Monday, Google is testing a new service "that provides live video chat advice to searchers looking for information on some medical conditions." The feature, uncovered by a Reddit user who noticed his Android phone suggested "Talk with a doctor now" when he did a search... read more

PERRspectives Blog
- McConnellCare: Take Health Insurance Away from 520,000 and Send Them to the ER Instead

[Oct 15, 12:15 PT]  In a midterm campaign filled with affronts to voters and reality alike, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reached a new low in last night's Kentucky Senate debate. Declaring once again that the Affordable Care Act should be repealed "root and branch," McConnell pretended nothing would happen as a result to the 520,000... read more
- Open Thread 10/14

[Oct 14, 17:19 PT]  - There is still a lot of work, of course. But I think it’s fair to say public pressure on Cherry Point (and legit safety concerns) have produced quite a victory. – I’m also mostly of the opinion that the ACA is a great accomplishment. Even if I would have preferred a public option or just single payer.... read more

- Torn about the Open Primary measure in Oregon, I lean toward "Yes"

[Oct 13, 21:34 PT]  [Update: I've recanted, flip-flopped again, changed my mind. I'm now a No on Measure 90 . Read why here.] I'm a flip-flopper when it comes to Measure 90, the initiative Oregonians are about to vote on that would create an open primary system. Meaning, everybody would be able to vote in the primary. It would be... read more

Ft. Boise
- Fear of the month club

[Dateline Unknown] has a "card stack" of 19 things you need to know about Ebola and on the first of them, there's a datagraphic of the leading causes of death in Africa. Ebola is, so far, off the charts on the nearly negligible end. HIV/AIDS and respiratory infections are number 1 and 2, more than a million deaths each. Malaria is... read more

Gay Rights
- Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

[Oct 18, 00:07 PT]  Mark Fiore: Voter fraud vigilantes. White House: West Wing Week. David Pakman: Huckabee threatens to leave Republicans over gay marriage. Bizarre Rick Scott’s Fan Fobia: Sam Seder: Rick Scott’s hilarious fumble in his attempt to pass blame for his FanGate tantrumThom: The real Rick Scott debate scandal.Jon on... read more

The Stranger Blog
- SL Letters of the Day: Tears For Gears

[Oct 17, 17:05 PT]  Female, 42, just dumped by the 48-year-old man I've been dating for six months. It started out as a Craigslist "Casual Encounter" and turned into something wonderful, caring, mo nogamous/exclusive from early on, and the first opportunity I've ever had to explore D/s (I'm the "s"). He "met someone new." My burning issue: a... read more

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Strange Bedfellows
- Same-sex marriage arrives in Arizona, now legal throughout the West

[Oct 17, 11:46 PT]  A U.S. District Judge cleared the way for same-sex marriage to begin in Arizona, ruling on Friday that the state’s laws against marriage equality are "unconstitutional by virtue of the fact that they deny same-sex couples the equal protection of the law." Attorney General Tom Horne said the state won’t appeal... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Oct 16, 10:23 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Otter’s staff worked on CCA deals (Boise Statesman) Same sex marriages begin in Idaho (Boise Statesman, IF Post Register,... read more

- On Oregon's "Open Primary" Measure 90, I'm now a No

[Oct 15, 20:45 PT]  It's been tough for me to decide how to vote on Measure 90, Oregon's "Open Primary" or "Top Two" initiative. I've gone back and forth between Yes and No. [Image] I'm now a No, having given Measure 90 more thought for a few days after writing Torn about the Open Primary measure in Oregon,... read more

Ft. Boise
- A day to celebrate in Idaho

[Dateline Unknown]  [Image] The party came off this time, about the 3rd or 4th try. People started gathering at 8 am, and with some nice singing by members of the Boise Gay Men's Chorus for starters, we were all primed for the 10 o'clock start of legal same-sex marriages in Idaho in front of the Ada County Courthouse today. There was cake,... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: Seems a little touchy

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring gay marriage, campaign finance, rental housing, and the NBA.

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: Working behind the scenes

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip starring Deb Eddy, Ron Sims, Rob McKenna, gay marriage, and political ads.


Climate Change
Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Oct 19, 10:28 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Simpson wants 8 months to pass wilderness bill (Boise Statesman, IF Post Register) Overview state superintendent public instruction... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- The Extraordinary Minimum Temperature Heat Wave in the Northwest

[Oct 18, 10:38 PT]  I have been watching Northwest weather for a long time and I have never seen anything like what we have experienced during the last month: An extended and intense minimum temperature heat wave. Something amazing has been going on this fall, and for some reason the Ebola-crazed media hasn't picked up on it. But that is why... read more

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Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Oct 17, 08:17 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Did Bieter ask for firing ACHD executives? (Boise Statesman) Overview of how Idaho economy is doing (IF Post Register) CCA... read more

Sightline Daily
- Weekend Reading 10/17/14

[Oct 17, 06:30 PT]  Editor’s Note: Recently, we invited board members to contribute to weekend reading when they like. Chris Troth took us up on the offer this week! And our fall communications intern, Keiko Budech, also added a couple pieces to this weeks picks—enjoy! Alan This article, which filled my heart with happy, is about... read more

Sightline Daily
- Ebola versus Cars

[Oct 16, 06:30 PT]  I think this chart speaks for itself. [Image] Original Sightline Institute chart, available under our free use policy. It’s probably fair to say that we’re in the midst of a full-blown media frenzy over the (admittedly worrisome) spread of the latest Ebola virus. Yet so far this year roughly 242 times as many... read more

Sightline Daily
- Cap and Trade—In 3 Pictures

[Oct 15, 14:16 PT]  We all rely on mental shortcuts to make sense of new information. Often, metaphor and analogy—or p ictures—help us get a handle on abstract ideas. Right now, far-reaching climate and energy policy is back in the news, this time at the state level on the west coast where California has an established cap and... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Wimpy El Nino

[Oct 11, 10:38 PT]  We are now close enough to the winter season to have a fairly clear idea of the El Nino situation ahead. Remember that El Ninos are associated with warmer than normal water in the tropical Pacific and that such anomalies can influence Northwest weather (less storms, warmer, less snow). Originally there was a lot of talk... read more

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