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- More Progressive Options

[Apr 23, 17:19 PT]  Even as the Metro cuts we voted to make happen start to happen, we should consider other ways to pay for it. Goldy had a piece on Seattle maybe keeping our transit, but it really should be a regional thing. The Seattle Times tells us that the biggest problem was how regressive the tax was (and that we pay bus drivers).... read more

Politics Northwest
- Proposition 1 defeat still clear, despite tiny gain in votes today

[Apr 23, 17:06 PT]  New ballot counts Wednesday afternoon show tiny percentage gains and an insurm ountabledeficitfor Proposition 1, the King County measure to increase sales tax and car-tab fee, to fund buses and roads. Proposition 1 now has 187,324 yes votes, 0r 45.49 percent; the no side has 224,441 votes, or 54.51 percent. That compares... read more

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The Stranger Blog
- Metro-Funding Prop 1 Still Losing After Another Day of Ballot Counting; Constantine Prepares to Cut Bus Routes

[Apr 23, 16:36 PT]  [Image] Levi Hastings The distance between YES and NO tightened ever so slightly today, after about 50,000 more ballots were counted. But, Prop 1 is still losing: YES 45.49% (187,324 votes) NO 54.51% (224,441 votes) Looks like it's definitely time for Plan C. UPDATE: King County Executive Dow Constanine says it's over.... read more

The Stranger Blog
- Mars Hill Church Is a Bad Neighbor in California, Too

[Apr 23, 14:06 PT]  Everyone around here knows that Mars Hill is a shitty neighbor. Remember how they said "God wants" them to take possession of Sound Transit property out in Bellevue? Well, they've pulled the same tricks in Orange County, and the intrepid Warren Throckmorton is on the case at Patheos: On Monday, I established that Mars Hill... read more

The Stranger Blog
- It's Time for Plan C: A Seattle-Only Transit Solution

[Apr 23, 13:21 PT]  In the face of Proposition 1's apparent defeat at the ballot, a group called Friends of Transit has announced a new plan to save Metro bus service, one that people have been whispering about for a long time: a Seattle-only tax for Seattle-only transit service. Saying via press release that "Seattle will grind to a halt if... read more
- Group to File City Initiative to Reverse Metro Bus Reductions in Seattle

[Apr 23, 12:18 PT]  It’s not like I write in a vacuum. So when I posted this morning that we should pursue Plan C, and buy back Metro bus service cuts within Seattle, it’s not like I didn’t know that transit advocates had been discussing exactly such an option. But I had no idea that they were prepared to move this quickly:... read more
- Time to Move On to Metro Funding Plan C: Seattle Should Buy Back Proposed In-City Cuts

[Apr 23, 09:19 PT]  [Image] After its sales tax revenues fell off the edge of the Earth inthe wake of the Great Recession, the plan to save Metro bus service from devastating cuts was pretty simple: we needed to move back to a stable, sufficient, and progressive Motor Vehicle Excise Tax (MVET)—a tax on the value of your car. But to do this,... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- A Preview of the Coming Cuts

[Apr 23, 09:04 PT]  If you haven’t been following the Proposition 1 discussion obsessively, you might not have a firm idea of what the (now inevitable) Metro cuts will look like. David Lawson’s analysis of the Seattle and Eastside cuts are useful references, amended by the recent slight uptick in projected revenue. South King... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Proposition 1 Failing

[Apr 22, 22:22 PT]  [Image] Bus going by the King County Administrative Building, 2001 by King County, WA Proposition 1 is failing in early (but substantial) returns. With 30% of an estimated 38% turnout counted, the measure is failing 55%-45%. Barring an unexpected late surge in ballots, King County voters will get the road and bus systems... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- Metro bus rescue plan losing big in initial vote count

[Apr 22, 21:31 PT]  The ballot proposal to rescue Metro bus service in King County was being run over by voters on Tuesday night, winning just 44.72 percent of the vote in the first "dump" of election results. Prop. 1 called for an 0.01 percent sales tax increase, and a car tab fee, with 60 percent of revenue going […]
- Fuck the Poors! King County Voters Rejecting Metro-Saving Prop 1

[Apr 22, 20:12 PT]  The early results are in, and Metro is fucked, with voters rejecting Proposition 1 by a relatively wide 55.28 percent to 44.72 percent margin. (What the fuck, Stranger? We didn’t lose elections like this when I worked there!) And in case you’re hopingthis is just a tiny percentage of the votes cast, not so... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Rent Control, Protectionism and Affordability

[Apr 22, 11:30 PT]  [Image] Google Bus Protest by cjmartin Update — As Cody pointed out, it might be nice to link to the actual article.Also, the original version of this post misspelled Ms Cutler’s second name. Last week, Techcrunch’s Kim-Mai Cutler published an excellent – and detailed – summary of the history... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Where to Cast Your Vote Today (By 8 PM)

[Apr 22, 07:35 PT]  [Image] image: King County website Happy Election Day!(and Happy Earth Day!) If you haven’t mailed in your ballot, dropped it at a King County Elections drop-box, or voted at a live voting location, and it is not 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 22, 2014, yet, it is not too late. If you have your ballot with you, carefully... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Get Out The Vote: Yes on Prop 1

[Apr 21, 11:10 PT]  [Image] I Voted Yes on Prop 1 Tomorrow’s electionis going to be close and every vote is going to count. As adaily reader of STB, I’m not worried about you voting Yes on Prop 1. But now is the time to get your friends, family and co-workers to vote as well as all of theother people that value Metro as much as... read more

Politics Northwest
- Poll: Voters support taxes for roads, schools, parks

[Apr 17, 21:01 PT]  Washington state voters are willing to pay higher taxes to support a variety of community services, including roads and public transportation, according to a public poll released Thursday. The Elway Poll reported that 74 percent of voters surveyed last week said they supported higher local taxes for roads and 60 percent... read more

NPI Advocate
- State Representative Ross Hunter tells 48th District Democrats he’s "staying in the House"

[Apr 16, 23:20 PT]  State Representative Ross Hunter (D-48th District: Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Clyde Hill, Medina, the Points communities) announced this evening that he has decided against a bid for the state Senate in the wake of Rodney Tom’s retirement, and will instead run for reelection to the House of Representatives. At the... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: We do not have an endless amount of money

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring: last night's Sound Transit meeting at Northgate and Wisconsin.


Health Care
Olympia Time
- What makes Cascadian sports fans different?

[Apr 24, 05:26 PT]  Back mid-winter, when Seahawk fandom was hitting a fever pitch, there was a general lament among more hardened sports followers that many of the new-found fans lacked gravity. They were bandwagon fans, only interested in following a team after success has been found. This is a common enough thing that happens when teams... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- Obamacare: Top state Democrats take a victory lap

[Apr 23, 19:04 PT]  While some Democrats in other states have kept their distance, Gov. Jay Inslee and Sen. Patty Murray lovingly embraced the Affordable Care Act from the start, and on Wednesday proclaimed victory in getting health insurance to thousands of Washington residents. They boasted that under the Washington Health Benefit Exchange,... read more

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The Stranger Blog
- Puget Sound Bike Share Launching This Fall, Big Corporate Bike Sponsor To Be Announced In Two Weeks

[Apr 23, 16:49 PT]  [Image] Leonard Zhukovsky /ShutterstockWe'll be seeing bike share stations like this one in Seattle come September. Puget Sound Bike Share (PSBS) announced today that healthcare nonprofit Group Health will sponsor 15 bike stations in Capitol Hill and South Lake Union. Executive Director Holly Houser tells me the program,... read more
- Open Thread 4/22

[Apr 22, 17:19 PT]  - Run on the ACA or at least Medicaid expansion, Democrats. - I didn’t think Veep was as good as The Thick Of It, but I’m still glad it’s being renewed. - 40% of Seattle’s greenhouse gas emissions are from road transportation, and 41% of trips are under 3 miles - We know the real voters. - More Bertha not... read more

- Oregon Can Shake Things Up (or Why I'm Running)

[Apr 21, 11:00 PT]  By Kathleen O’Brien of Portland, Oregon. Kathleen is an attorney and a Democratic candidate for House District 42. More information at State legislatures are stuck. Congress is stuck. It’s gone on for far too long. The middle of the road is going nowhere. The disappearance of MH 370 and the Korean ferry... read more

PERRspectives Blog
- Epidemic of GOPer Virus Will Kill Thousands in Red States

[Apr 20, 11:20 PT]  Imagine that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warned that America was about to be hit by a preventable epidemic of a deadly, though curable, virus. In response, the federal government budgeted funds for each of the 50 states to purchase antidotes to save the afflicted and vaccines to immunize residents against future... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- Uncertainty chills our economy

[Apr 20, 09:47 PT]  [Image] BARRETT RAINEY   Second Thoughts The number one thing keeping our national economy – and thus all lesser economies – from growing as quickly as conditions would otherwise dictate – is the monumentally constipated and completely ineffective U.S. Congress. And you can take that to the bank.... read more

PERRspectives Blog
- In Arkansas and Georgia, an Obamacare Tale of Two Clinics

[Apr 13, 11:15 PT]  [Image] For the two clinics, it was the best of times and the worst times. In Mena, Arkansas, the 9th Street Ministries free clinic is closing its doors after 16 years, its services no longer needed by the poor residents who have now obtained health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. But in Glenwood, Georgia, the... read more

Ft. Boise
- Thanks for asking

[Dateline Unknown]  Organizing for Action, a.k.a., wanted me to fill out a little survey, asking How did it go? (about you-know-what). In spite of my dislike of push polls and the like, I gave it a look, just in case it offered the chance to point out some of the holes in the whole business of healthcare insurance reform as... read more

Minimum Wage
The Stranger Blog
- Kshama Sawant on a $15 Minimum Wage: "Ultimately, the Decision Will Be Made By the City Council"

[Apr 23, 18:10 PT]  [Image] Eli SandersA human chain of minimum wage activists, encircling City Hall. City council member Kshama Sawant says she's "not surprised" that the mayor's minimum-wage committee wasn't able to reach a deal today. "I think it's important for people to realize that it's not an earth-shattering surprise," she says,... read more

The Stranger Blog
- No Agreement Yet from Murray's Minimum Wage Advisory Committee; Mayoral Announcement Tomorrow

[Apr 23, 15:08 PT]  Mayor Ed Murray's Income Inequality Advisory Committee, the group hashing out a compromise on the minimum wage, had their last scheduled meeting today, and it appears to have concluded without any resolution. Murray just said via a statement that he "hopes" the committee members will reach agree ment—they're "very,... read more

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- Goldy TV: Watch Me Pontificate About the Minimum Wage on Tonight’s PBS NewsHour

[Apr 22, 13:59 PT]  What the headline said. A couple weeks ago I sat down with PBS NewsHoureconomics correspondent Paul Solmon to discuss Seattle’s fight for a $15 minimum wage.The segment is scheduled to run tonight. How much of my interview they’ll use, I’m guessing not much. Past experience at these things suggests that... read more
- Why "Total Compensation" Might Fail to Meet the ACA’s Employer Mandate

[Apr 21, 16:04 PT]  Apart from it b eingtotalbullshit, I’m not sure that the "total compensation" crowd has fully thought through their proposal, particularly when it comes to health care benefits. Because total compensation would allowemployers to deduct from their minimum wage obligationthe cost of providing health insurance, it... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Apr 21, 08:43 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Canyon Fair ousted from Simplot Stadium (Nampa Press Tribune) Idaho water situation improves (Nampa Press Tribune) Idaho:... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- New poll: Sharp drop in support for $15 an hour minimum wage

[Apr 18, 18:10 PT]  A new poll of 400 Seattle voters, taken last week, shows a sharp drop in support for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, just as Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is preparing to send a recommendation to the Seattle City Council. The survey by Portland-based DHM asked voters if they would favor increasing the minimum wage to $15 […]

Strange Bedfellows
- Sawant says mayor’s minimum wage panel is ‘deadlocked’

[Apr 18, 14:36 PT]    Mayor Ed Murray’s minimum wage advisory committee is "deadlocked," Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant said Friday, with the socialist officeholder pledging she will now work to "build a strong coalition in the streets." Sawant and two other left-leaning City Council members sit on the panel, which is... read more

- "It"

[Apr 13, 23:34 PT]  “It” What a remarkable word (pronoun) “it” is. While it generally refers to some particular object or behavior it also often refers to something much more general and, in some cases, may have virtually no meaning whatsoever. I am drawn to thinking of this because last night I had reason to believe that I may well be losing... read more

Gay Rights
Blog Town, PDX
- Good Morning, News!

[Apr 23, 09:29 PT]  GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Now it seems pretty strange, but I'm not buggin', 'cause I still feel the same, yeah yeah. LET'S GO TO PRESS. Russia is "days away" from tougher sanctions by the US, if they don't start doing something to ease tensions in Ukraine—such as settling their differences politically instead of steamrolling... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Apr 23, 08:41 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Will Army take Idaho helicopters away? (Boise Statesman) Medicaid enrollment shooting up in state (Boise Statesman) Obama touring... read more

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Blog Town, PDX
- Gay Marriage Foes Probably Won't Save Oregon's Ban, But They've Delayed its Death

[Apr 22, 16:03 PT]  Oregon's gay marriage ban will be friendless in court tomorrow, after all. US District Court Judge Michael McShane has denied a last-minute bid by marriage equality foes to delay oral arguments scheduled for tomorrow afternoon—or at least allow attorneys for the National Organization for Marriage to have a say. And, since... read more

Blog Town, PDX
- VRBO Listing: "Married Couple's Honeymoon and Romantic Getaway Cottage"

[Apr 22, 10:29 PT]  Sounds like a nice place for married couples: In the stone basement an old original fireplace and comfy sofa beckons you to sit by the fire. The romantic bedroom suite features a comfortable king-size bed with a partial canopy. The fully equipped kitchen makes in house meal preparation easy. This is an ideal place for... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Apr 20, 09:39 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Reviewing supt public instruction race (Boise Statesman) Recovering after the Oso landslide (Boise Statesman) Major changes... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- Gay marriage: An insiders’ ugly spat ignores the foot soldiers

[Apr 17, 18:38 PT]  The title of New York Times reporter Jo Becker’s book is "Forcing the Spring," and it purports to tell the inside, insiders’ story of how President Obama "evolved" into a supporter of same-sex marriage. The book is basic Bob Woodward, an account that lionizes its sources, super-lawyers (Democrat) David Boies... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: Seems a little touchy

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring gay marriage, campaign finance, rental housing, and the NBA.

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: Working behind the scenes

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip starring Deb Eddy, Ron Sims, Rob McKenna, gay marriage, and political ads.

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