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Seattle Transit Blog
- Better Eastside Rail

[Jul 23, 07:30 PT]  As the Puget Sound region continues to grow, excellent transit connections between Eastside communities will be crucial. The quality of transit options available to those communities will shape the safety, convenience and environmental quality possible for their residents and workers. Our vision for rail service to... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Seattle Council Approves Streetcar Route

[Jul 22, 14:11 PT]  Mike Lindblom reports ($) that after a short delay the Seattle Council approved the Downtown Streetcar’s locally preferred alternative in an 8-1 vote, with only Nick Licata voting against. I summarized the salient points in coverage of the previous meeting. Now SDOT will pursue federal grants and leaders will attempt... read more

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Persuasion, Perseverance, and Patience
- Quote of the day: The electric Kool-Aid corn-dog test

[Jul 22, 13:47 PT]  [Image] I'm a week late getting to this, so Brother Pierce gets a compensatory two-fer. First, on the uselessness – nay, c ounterproductivity – of continuing to indulge Iowa in its fantasies of self-importance in our presidential election system: There are a couple of hundred reasons why it is stupid to give the Iowa... read more

Politics Northwest
- Obama to raise money for super PAC at former Costco CEO's house

[Jul 22, 12:01 PT]  Update: Updated to note Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray are remaining in D.C. and will not attend fundraiser. President Obama's Tuesday fundraising swing through the Seattle area will include a high-priced dinner event benefiting a Democratic super PAC. The event is scheduled at the Hunt's Point home of former Costco... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- County Council Passes September Service Cuts

[Jul 22, 10:50 PT]  [Image] S ounderBruce/Flickr On Monday, the King County Council unanimously passed an ordinance enacting Metro bus service cuts for September 2014. There are press releases from Transportation, Economy, and Environment (TrEE) Committee Chair Rod Dembowski, the four other Democratson the county council, andKing County... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Let’s Build Rail to West Seattle (Option A6)

[Jul 22, 07:30 PT]  Let’s get this on the table right up front:West Seattle should receive alight rail line in the next Sound Transit funding package (ST3). STB has covered this issue before with articles about possibilities, options presented, and even the hazards of regionalism.What might actually be included in the next regional... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- The Tolling Discussion is Impoverished

[Jul 21, 11:30 PT]  [Image] Dulles Toll Plaza (wikimedia) The idea that tolling is some insidious stealth tax, or a fundamental violation of the inalienable right to drive anywhere, for free, with unlimited subsidy is a well-established cancer on the Puget Sound’s discourse. Nevertheless, I was astonished at the boundaries of the 520... read more

Politics Northwest
- Obama fundraiser includes familiar hosts, may cross Lake Washington

[Jul 19, 02:01 PT]  President Obama's political fundraising swing through Seattle on Tuesday will include a reception at the waterfront home of Bruce and Anne Blume, according to Democratic sources. The Blumes are major Democratic donors who also hosted Obama in 2012 at their 10,000-square-foot Madrona mansion. And drivers beware -- the... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: We do not have an endless amount of money

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring: last night's Sound Transit meeting at Northgate and Wisconsin.


Minimum Wage
- Hey, Thanks, Alaska Airlines, for the Unintended Consequences from Your Stupid Anti-Labor Intransigence!

[Jul 23, 15:52 PT]  Earlier this week the Port of Seattle Commission officially approved the airport minimum wage proposal I first wrote about here: Minimum total compensation would start at 13.72 an hour in 2015, with a minimum cash wage of $11.22, and rise to $15.50 an hour in 2017, with a minimum cash wage of $13. In addition, airport... read more
- Pot, Meet Kettle: Seattle Times Hilariously Accuses Park District Supporters of "Misleading Voters"

[Jul 23, 11:46 PT]  The Seattle Times editorial board has just declaredthe entire Seattle City Council, Mayor Ed Murray, his five imme diatepredecessors, and the more than 70 civic organizations that have endorsed Proposition 1, to be a bunch of dirty stinking liars: PROPONENTS of Proposition 1 are misleading voters when they claim approval... read more

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The Stranger Blog
- Watch Sawant Sit City Light CEO Down for a Chat

[Jul 23, 09:22 PT]  This morning at 9:30, city council member Kshama Sawant will hold a meeting of her committee overseeing Seattle City Light. Invited to today's meeting? City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco, who's met with some pretty bad press in the last month or so. Council Member Sally Clark seemed anxious about this meeting in a briefing... read more

Politics Northwest
- Obama visits Seattle for two fundraisers

[Jul 22, 22:31 PT]  President Obama dropped into Seattle Tuesday afternoon for a quick visit to headline two Democratic fundraisers. Obama touched down at Boeing Field shortly after 3 p.m. and was greeted by officials including Gov. Jay Inslee, who rode with Obama in the presidential motorcade to brief the president on the state’s... read more

Politics Northwest
- Report: SEIU halts mandatory fees for some workers

[Jul 22, 20:16 PT]  A U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month striking down mandatory payroll deductions for public-sector unions has started to show some impact in Washington state. The Harris v. Quinn ruling said home-health care workers in Illinois could not be forced to pay fees to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to cover... read more
- Anti-$15 Minimum Wage Referendum Officially Fails to Qualify for the Ballot, 100 Signatures Withdrawn

[Jul 22, 17:40 PT]  King County Elections released its absolute final signature verification results today, and of the18,929 signatures Forward Seattle submitted, only14,818 were determined to be valid, far short of the 16,510 necessary to qualify for the ballot. KCE validated an additional 455 signatures (out of 568 submitted) from a... read more

The Stranger Blog
- Mayor Murray Will Convene Another Big Committee, This Time to Tackle Affordable Housing

[Jul 22, 17:31 PT]  [Image] AHWORKFORCE HOUSING Tenants protested last week, and sure enough, the deal to sell their building to a for-profit developer fell through. Mayor Murray says he grew up in a working-class family in West Seattle and that his family could not afford to live in the city today. Now that the Squire Park Plaza in the... read more

The Stranger Blog
- It's Officially Official: The $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Face a Challenge at the Ballot This Year

[Jul 22, 17:13 PT]  Hot off the presses at King County Elections comes the news that both measures seeking to place a referendum on Seattle's new $15 minimum wage law on this fall's ballot have failed to get enough valid signatures to qualify. The numbers, per King County Elections: Referendum No. 3 (Forward Seattle) Number of signatures... read more
- Stagnant US Wages Eat into McDonald’s Profits

[Jul 22, 13:40 PT]  The glaring irony in the minimum wage debate is that it’s not inflation or rising labor costs that threaten corporate profits, but rather, stagnant consumer demand: McDonald’s Corp. said its profit slipped in the second quarter as sales in the U.S. continued to flag. The world’s biggest hamburger chain... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- White House honors labor leader who led minimum wage fight

[Jul 21, 13:13 PT]  President Obama can’t get House Republicans to move on hiking the minimum wage, but he is honoring as "Champions of Change" a bevy of American activists who have fought for economic justice at the state and local level. Seattle’s savviest young labor leader — David Rolf — is one of the "Champions."... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Jul 20, 08:33 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Boise downtown condos under development (Boise Statesman) Idaho, congressional politics and minimum wage (IF Post Register) Work... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Seattle Council Sends Metro Tax to Ballot

[Jul 18, 12:15 PT]  Yesterday the Seattle City Council*voted unanimously (Tim Burgess was absent) to send a $60 vehicle license fee and 0.1% sales tax increase to the November ballot to save bus service. The measure would mostly maintain the service level in the City of Seattle and preserve some trips to and fromthe suburbs. Thefinal approved... read more

Politics Northwest
- Seattle in its own minimum-wage bubble

[Jul 17, 15:46 PT]  Seattle is the only area in the state with a plurality of voters whobelieve that a $15 minimum wage wouldhelp the economy morethan hurt it, according to an Elway poll released today. That puts city voters at odds with those e lsewhere,including the rest of King County and all of Eastern Washington, where most voters say... read more

Health Care
Ridenbaugh Press
- The speaker’s road

[Jul 23, 15:07 PT]  [Image] CHUCK MALLOY   In Idaho House Speaker Scott Bedke of Oakley will be doing more than watching the Election Day results in November. He’ll be keeping an eye on Republican winners, because his job depends on it. Perhaps even more than the governor’s race, the state’s direction hinges on the outcome of the... read more

Sightline Daily
- American Mom and Pops Want Climate Fixes

[Jul 23, 13:02 PT]  [Image] Photo Credit: contemplative imaging via Compfight cc American small business owners. When it comes to politics, they’re portrayed as mythic heroes of the American economy, the salt-of-the-earth "mom and pops," the real job creators, a constituency to be catered to, a force to be reckoned with. Like apple pie.... read more

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Blog Town, PDX
- Good Morning, News!

[Jul 23, 09:29 PT]  GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Move yourself and glide like a 747. Lose yourself in the sky among the clouds in the heavens. LET'S GO TO PRESS. US intelligence says there's no evidence that the Russian government was involved in shooting down that Malaysian airline... you know, other than giving the separatists the missile... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Jul 23, 08:38 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Very hot springs killed dog; access changes (Boise Statesman) US Geothermal increases its profits (Boise Statesman) Battle at... read more

Sightline Daily
- Back to the Future

[Jul 23, 06:30 PT]  [Image] Pregnant silhouette by Stefan Pasch used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 More than 80 percent of teen pregnancies are accidents. A girl with other hopes and dreams—or maybe a girl who is floundering, who hasn’t even begun to explore her hopes and dreams—finds herself unexpectedly slated for either an abortion or... read more

- Musings on the problem of deciding where to live after retiring

[Jul 22, 20:54 PT]  My wife, Laurel, and I are 65. We reside on 10 non-easy-care acres in rural south Salem, Oregon. We're trying to decide where and how we want to live if, or when, we decide to move from the home we've happily lived in for 24 years. It's a tough decision, as related here, here, and here. Recently we visited our... read more

Blog Town, PDX
- Courts Do Battle Over Typo in Obamacare

[Jul 22, 13:44 PT]  If, like me, you woke up this morning to the alarming news that a couple of activist judges basically curb-stomped Obamacare to death, you might want to read this ThinkProgress post, which explains the thinking behind the ruling: The two Republicans’ decision rests on a glorified typo in the Affordable Care Act itself.... read more
- It’s Time’s Like This I Wish I Was a God-Fearing Christian…

[Jul 22, 09:03 PT]  … Because then I could rest comfortably knowing that these assholes would eventually burn in Hell: A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the government could not subsidize premiums for people in three dozen states that use the federal insurance exchange, a ruling that could upend President Obama’s health care... read more

NPI Advocate
- LIVE from Detroit: Keynote with Debbie Stabenow, Mark Schauer

[Jul 19, 07:14 PT]  Good Morning from Detroit! This is the last day of the conference and we are beginning the day with keynotes from Mark Schauer, candidate to replace Snyder as governor of Michigan, and Senator Debbie Stabenow. Lisa Brown is Schauer’s running-mate. Schauer promises to repeal "Right -To-Work-For-Less" and to support... read more

NPI Advocate
- Live from Detroit: Detroit, Rocked City: How the Bankruptcy Led to Retirement Attacks that Could Spread Nationwide

[Jul 18, 14:35 PT]  This panel is moderated by David Sirota. Panelists include Gwendolyn Beasley, Reesa Kossoff, and Diane Oakley. Public pension attacks are happening nationally and are being driven by the Koch Brothers. 401k plans have not proven to save tax payer money over a Defined Benefit plan, in fact there are cases where state... read more

Sightline Daily
- Weekend Reading 7/18/14

[Jul 18, 06:30 PT]  Meaghan Why readers, scientifically, are the best people to fall in love with. Serena The Gaza-Israel situation is beyond words. InFocus had a stunning set of photos of the conflict’s impact (warning to the weak of stomach: some are graphic) last week. "Corrupt, f*, and broken." That, essentially, is what Millennials... read more

- Merkley: Birth control access is an economic issue

[Jul 17, 16:00 PT]  Yesterday, the Senate debated a bill to overturn the ridiculous Hobby Lobby decision that allows employers to declare a religious objection to complying with the federal law mandating birth control coverage in all insurance plans. Many conservatives have been running around saying that the decision doesn't bar anyone from... read more

NPI Advocate
- LIVE from Detroit: Making smart investments to build progressive power in 2014 & beyond

[Jul 17, 08:08 PT]  Good morning from Detroit! Today marks the first day of Netroots Nation, the ninth annual gathering of progressive activists from across the United States and beyond, which NPI has been sending staff and board members to for its entire history. Three of us are here on NPI’s behalf and committed to bringing you live... read more

Sightline Daily
- Stand by Me

[Jul 16, 06:30 PT]  [Image] Teens by Lena Vasiljeva used under CC BY 2.0 No one birth control method fits everyone, but today young women have better options than ever before. Across the United States, from New York to South Carolina to Texas to Oregon, health advocates and providers are scrambling to get the word out about long-acting yet... read more

Ft. Boise
- Robert Reich's tactical advice

[Dateline Unknown]  This just in, from Facebook, from President Clinton's Secretary of Labor, in regard to the D.C. Circuit's duo decision today: "Just when you thought Republicans had run out of ammunition attacking the Affordable Care Act comes another bomb. Today, Judge Raymond Randolph (appointed by George H. W. Bush) and Judge Thomas... read more

Ft. Boise
- Welcome to the machine

[Dateline Unknown]  My personal attitude toward healthcare is "less is more." If I'm taking care of myself, eating right, staying out of trouble, and (most of all) supremely lucky, I can just skip the whole thing. I would like to go like Oliver Wendell Holmes' wonderful one-hoss shay. The project isn't going perfectly, but well enough that... read more


Climate Change
The Stranger Blog
- Situation in Eastern Washington Worsens with Possibility of Flash Floods

[Jul 23, 12:24 PT]  Today the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the fire-torn region in Eastern Washington, which is currently dealing with the largest fire in state history. And while the heavy rains are obviously a good for putting out fires, they're predicted to come with thunderstorms, which are good for starting... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Melt-Out Day in Paradise

[Jul 21, 00:30 PT]  Yesterday, July 20th, was a big day at Mount Rainier National Park; melt-out day at the Paradise Ranger Station at 5500 ft. This reporting site is particularly important and valuable because there is a 98 year record of snow measurements (1917-2014). [Image] It may have been foggy at Paradise, but snow to be seen! There... read more

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Persuasion, Perseverance, and Patience
- Sunday morning toons: You have to look hard to find the good in this bad news week

[Jul 20, 09:13 PT]  [Image] Malaysian Air flight MH 17 was blown out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile over the eastern Ukraine and, as Josh Marshall at TPM points out, you can decide whether you find more comfort in the possibility that whoever did it knew what they were doing, or didn'tknow what they were doing. Tens of thousands of... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Gusting Winds Result In Explosive Fire Growth

[Jul 19, 00:30 PT]  During the past few days, several small fires--most initiated by l ightning--exploded as winds have surged due to the cooling and increasing pressure west of the Cascades. In only a few days, one fire has gone from virtually nothing to over 200,000 acres--the Carlton Complex Fire northwest of Lake Chelan. And the fire near... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- EPA slaps severe restrictions on huge proposed Bristol Bay mine

[Jul 18, 10:33 PT]    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, warning of "significant unacceptable risks" to salmon runs, has slapped severe restrictions on a huge open-pit mine proposed between two major salmon spawning rivers at Alaska’s Bristol Bay. The restrictions pose a serious problem for a project that has recently seen... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Picture of the Day

[Jul 17, 21:00 PT]  Here is a neat satellite picture from this morning at 9 AM. Over much of western Washington, there are low clouds, with sinuous channels of stratus where the clouds pushed into the valleys over the western slopes. In contrast, eastern Washington is filled with smoke from wildfires along the eastern slopes of the Cascades.... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Was the Best Sunset in Years the Result of Wildfire Smoke?

[Jul 15, 00:30 PT]  Sunday's sunset was spectacular--many people feel it was the best in years. But why? There has been some analysis of the sunset in the Seattle Times and elsewhere, but I think they might have missed some of the key details. Let's go further here. But first, here are two pictures sent to me by Dave and Jill Going.... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Thunderstorms Coming!

[Jul 13, 11:54 PT]  5:30 PM Update: The latest radar shows the convection has moved north and eastward, with some light showers almost reaching Kent, in central Puget Sound. The real heavy showers and intense thunderstorms are over the northern Oregon Cascades and the eastern foothills. [Image] Here is the recent lightning strikes...most are... read more

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