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The Stranger Blog
- Why I'm Done with the Democrats: The Blood Is Too Much

[Jul 30, 15:00 PT]  Haaretz: CNN reported Wednesday that the United States has agreed to an Israeli request for several types of ammunition as the ground battle in Gaza is entering its third week. According to CNN, the items being bought are 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers. Those will come from a stockpile the... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- PSRC Studies Impacts of Increasing Rail Freight

[Jul 30, 11:00 PT]  [Image] 2035 Regional Gate Down time. PSRC. Last week — by sheer chance, the day an oil train (harmlessly) derailed in Interbay– the Puget Sound Regional Council released a staff report on the transportation and economic impacts of the Gateway Terminal, a proposedbulk-goods export terminalat Cherry Point, near... read more

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Seattle Transit Blog
- Extreme Link Excuse of the Week: Hydroplane Races and Blue Angels

[Jul 30, 06:30 PT]  [Image] A new tradition started back in 2009, when Seafair started having free shuttle buses between Columbia City Station and the entrance to the paid viewing area for the hydroplane races at Genesee Park, which also happens to be a great place to simultaneously watch the Blue Angels airshow. The hydroplane races and... read more
- July 29 Open Thread!

[Jul 29, 18:53 PT]  - I was against the Free Ride Area because it concentrated all of the problems with free buses in one place while losing a lot of fare box recovery. But I am tantalized by the idea of free systemwide. - The best part of the Blue Angels is definitely the lane closures. - The Case for Express Cascades Trains - Children Of... read more

The Stranger Blog
- Newly Exhumed Documents Reveal Mark Driscoll's Vision of Our "Pussified Nation"

[Jul 29, 15:47 PT]  The backlash against pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill church is growing—and this time, it's Christians and former Mars Hill insiders who are beginning to lead it. This Sunday, Driscoll released a quasi-apology video with a little stab at his "critics" in the church, calling them "anonymous" with the implication that... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Streetcars: A Momentary Lapse of Reason

[Jul 29, 11:00 PT]  [Image] There’s something about modern streetcars that causes people — many of whom have sensible things to say about transit, and some of whom I know personally and respect greatly — to start spouting peculiar and contorted arguments in favor of building more of them. The last few days have brought a... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Monorail Initiative Qualifies for Ballot

[Jul 29, 07:00 PT]  The Century Transportation Authority has gathered the requisite signatures to put an initiative on the fall ballot for a $5 car tab fee to plan a monorail route between Ballard and West Seattle. Oran detailed the proposed route over two years ago. We may have a few qualms with Sound Transit, but creating yet another agency... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Airport Transit Rankings – How Does Link Stack Up?

[Jul 28, 06:24 PT]  [Image] Arriving at an unfamiliar airport, you see multitudes of signs directing you towards taxis, shuttles and public transit. So many questions arise: Which should you take? Do I have enough time to take transit? The answers to these questions vary widely depending on the airport. There is a lively and valuable debate... read more

Persuasion, Perseverance, and Patience
- Quote of the day: The electric Kool-Aid corn-dog test

[Jul 22, 13:47 PT]  [Image] I'm a week late getting to this, so Brother Pierce gets a compensatory two-fer. First, on the uselessness – nay, c ounterproductivity – of continuing to indulge Iowa in its fantasies of self-importance in our presidential election system: There are a couple of hundred reasons why it is stupid to give the Iowa... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: We do not have an endless amount of money

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring: last night's Sound Transit meeting at Northgate and Wisconsin.


Climate Change
Strange Bedfellows
- Delay dealing with climate change and it will cost us — big time

[Jul 29, 18:47 PT]  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Big Oil and coal companies have delivered dire but non-specific warnings about the costs of such measures as reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and raising mileage standards for new SUVs. But the White House fired back Tuesday with a report on the infinitely higher costs of... read more

- The Costs of Extreme Weather: Fire, Flood, and Drought: Who pays?

[Jul 29, 13:03 PT]  By Diane Hodiak of Bend, Oregon. Diane is an environmental advocate who supports pricing carbon: a solution that will help the economy and the environment. Have you heard of the 97% of scientists who agree that carbon release into the air is causing climate change and extreme weather events? Wonder who the other 3% is?... read more

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Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Will the Pacific Northwest be a Climate Refuge Under Global Warming?

[Jul 28, 20:19 PT]  As global warming takes hold later in the century, where will be the best place in the lower 48 states to escape its worst effects? A compelling case can be made that the Pacific Northwest will be one of the best places to live as the earth warms. A potential climate refuge. Let's analyze this important question. I will... read more

Sightline Daily
- There’s Plenty of Room at Hotel California

[Jul 28, 06:30 PT]  [Image] Hotel California by Kevin Dooley used under CC BY 2.0 Pretend you’re the governor of Oregon or Washington, or the head of a key committee in the state legislature in Salem or Olympia. Let’s say you’re convinced: Climate change is real, it’s a huge risk, and we need a fast, smooth transition beyond carbon fuels.... read more

Sightline Daily
- Poll: Are Voters Warming to a Carbon Tax?

[Jul 28, 06:22 PT]  [Image] Wind farming by Idaho National Laboratory used under CC BY 2.0 The pollsters themselves seemed surprised by new findings that majorities of Americans would support a carbon tax. They start their report saying that "conventional wisdom holds that a carbon tax is a political non-starter." But they end with the note... read more

Sightline Daily
- Why Washington State Should Adopt a BC-style Carbon Tax

[Jul 25, 06:30 PT]  Editor’s Note: Washington’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce is on the job, weighing alternative carbon-pricing proposals. Some members of the panel have asked what our ideal policy would be for Washington State. Yoram Bauman shares his thoughts today. Alan Durning will share his argument for a California-style... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- Melt-Out Day in Paradise

[Jul 21, 00:30 PT]  Yesterday, July 20th, was a big day at Mount Rainier National Park; melt-out day at the Paradise Ranger Station at 5500 ft. This reporting site is particularly important and valuable because there is a 98 year record of snow measurements (1917-2014). [Image] It may have been foggy at Paradise, but snow to be seen! There... read more

Persuasion, Perseverance, and Patience
- Sunday morning toons: You have to look hard to find the good in this bad news week

[Jul 20, 09:13 PT]  [Image] Malaysian Air flight MH 17 was blown out of the sky by a surface-to-air missile over the eastern Ukraine and, as Josh Marshall at TPM points out, you can decide whether you find more comfort in the possibility that whoever did it knew what they were doing, or didn'tknow what they were doing. Tens of thousands of... read more

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