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Seattle Transit Blog
- Save the Restructures!

[Nov 24, 06:43 PT]  [Image] Metro’s now-defunct cut proposals included some restructures that are worth implementing on their own merits. They aren’t scheduledbecause the County Council never approved them, but at the same time the council didn’t reject them specifically — it just rejected the cuts as a whole. So Metro... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Sunday Open Thread: New Muni Metro

[Nov 23, 08:15 PT]  If David Lawson’s Frequent Network Plan had a website this snazzy. [Image] [Image]

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Sightline Daily
- What Happened When a Hazardous Substance Train Derailed on a Puget Sound Beach

[Nov 21, 06:35 PT]  If you’ve ever wondered how an oil train derailment might go down on the shores of Puget Sound, it might look a bit like the winter night derailment in 2011 that spilled sodium hydroxide on a beach at Chambers Bay south of Tacoma. It was hardly the kind of disaster that has resulted from oil trains derailing, but it... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- News Roundup: Going It Alone Together

[Nov 20, 07:36 PT]    Exhausted by staterecalcitrance and heartened by Seattle’s Prop 1, PSRC floats the idea of "going it alone together" with a "sub-regional" transportation package. An 88 year old Metro driver, easily familiar to anyone who regularly rides Route 2, is beaten by a passenger at 34th/Unionin Madrona. Taking cues... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- When Should Transit Run on a Holiday Schedule?

[Nov 19, 09:52 PT]  Last Tuesday, Veterans Day, was a bit of a disaster for Seattle bus riders: This crowd at 6th & pike has been waiting for as long as 40 minutes in the cold for a bus @kcmetrobus @SoundTransit pic.twit -- Mark on Transit (@MarkOnTransit) November 12, 2014 Hey, @kcmetrobus, today's Reduced Weekday... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- 3 More ULink Workshops Coming Up

[Nov 18, 16:32 PT]  [Image] Capitol Hill Station, Summer 2014 (photo by the author) On Monday night,I and several other STB writers and readers attended the Capitol Hill installment of Metro’s "Link Connections" workshops. Both the format and the relatively sparse attendance afforded a surprising intimacy to the conversation, and they... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: We do not have an endless amount of money

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring: last night's Sound Transit meeting at Northgate and Wisconsin.


Minimum Wage
Politics Northwest
- Sawant says she's voting "no" on Seattle budget

[Nov 24, 10:19 PT]  There will be a rare "no" vote Monday when the Seattle City Council adopts the city's new budget for 2015 and 2016. Despite getting her way with several amendments earlier this month, Councilmember Kshama Sawant will dissent, she says. Because of the amendments, thecouncil's budget will includemoney to investigate a... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Nov 23, 08:55 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Re-evaluations of Ada County’s homeless (Boise Statesman) A movement to make Craters of the Moon a national park (Boise... read more

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The Stranger Blog
- Capitol Hill and the Central District Holla at HALA, the Mayor's Housing Committee

[Nov 21, 16:00 PT]  [Image] Ansel HerzThe second of HALA's public meetings, held last night at the Garfield Community Center. People give a shit about Seattle's affordability crisis. Enough to pack a room and talk housing data with city officials on a cold Thursday evening after work at a community center. About 65 p eople—that's like,... read more

Sightline Daily
- Weekend Reading 11/21/14

[Nov 21, 06:30 PT]  Clark A new report from Frontier Group and TransitCenter makes a provocative (and almost certainly true) point: federal tax policy subsidizes traffic congestion. The IRS lets employers offer their employees a tax-free parking subsidy of up to $250 per month—which, by the report’s estimate, boosts national rush-hour traffic... read more
- Open Thread 11/20

[Nov 20, 08:00 PT]  - Good on Councilwoman Sawant for getting arrested in protest of the $15 minimum wage. – No nominee is above criticism, of course, but liberals shouldn’t be reflexively anti-Loretta Lynch. – The more the merrier in primaries, I say. But I don’t think I’ll be supporting Jim Webb for President.... read more
- More Elections

[Nov 19, 17:09 PT]  There has been a lot of talk — including from me in the last Open Thread — about the Seattle City Council doing a lot of great things right now. The budget looks surprisingly good. The $15 minimum wage passed. They’ve also done more symbolic (but still important!) things like opposing the Hyde Amendment.... read more

Majority Rules Blog
- Most Americans Don’t Share in Growing Economy

[Nov 18, 20:03 PT]  The main reason voters gave for their voting as they did in the Nov 2014 election was the economy as it affected them. Despite job growth going up and unemployment going down and the stock market going up and GDP increasing, most Americans were not sharing in the economy doing better. As Steve Rattner points out in a New... read more

Politics Northwest
- Seattle mayor losing his communications director

[Nov 18, 19:01 PT]  Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is losinghis communications director, Jeff Reading,after less than a year in office. Reading, resigningeffective Dec. 12, has been an important aide for the new mayor, accompanying Murray in public and mediating between his boss, who has a reputation for losing his cool, and the press corps. "It's... read more

Politics Northwest
- New gigs, lobbyists, immigration, anarchists: your political week in review

[Nov 22, 20:01 PT]  The elections are over, Thanksgiving looms, and politics persist. Here's what happenedthis past week: 1. Local Congress members praise, blast Obama’s immigration move to protect millions of the undocumented from deportation. 2. Former Seattle Mayor McGinn gets new gig, says he has no plans to seek return to elected office.... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- A marker for Labrador?

[Nov 22, 08:06 PT]  [Image] RANDY STAPILUS   Idaho How many Idahoans watched President Obama’s speech Thursday about changes in the federal response to immigrants who got here against the law? Was Representative Raul Labrador among them – and did it spark any activist thoughts in his own mind? Idaho generally has some particular reason... read more

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Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Nov 22, 08:04 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Open Boise council seat draws 29 interested (Boise Statesman) Boisean generates social media Black Thursday protest (Boise... read more

PERRspectives Blog
- Reagan's Ghost Haunts GOP on Immigration and Torture

[Nov 21, 10:15 PT]  [Image] Name an issue, foreign or domestic, and Republicans will turn to the holy ghost of Ronald Reagan for wisdom and guidance. But for two of the biggest controversies in the news this week--immigration and tort ure--conservatives won't like the answer they get when they ask, "What would Reagan do?" After all, President... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Nov 21, 09:23 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) YMCA school at Meridian a new typ project (Boise Statesman, Nampa Press Tribune) Looking at purple Teton County (Boise Statesman)... read more

Politics Northwest
- Local Congress members praise, blast Obama's immigration move

[Nov 20, 20:46 PT]  Members of Congress began reacting to President Obama's speech on immigration Thursday afternoon even before it was delivered. We'll post statements from members of the Washington state congressional delegation as they arrive. Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-Medina: "Everyone agrees that our immigration system is broken, but after... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- McMorris Rodgers blocks vote but blasts president for going it alone

[Nov 20, 18:39 PT]  The most blistering denunciation of President Obama’s immigration order, in this Washington, has come from a Republican leader who helped block the U.S. House of Representatives from voting on a comprehensive plan that passed the Senate with bipartisan backing. "His decision to act alone blatantly disregards the will... read more

NPI Advocate
- President Obama pledges to treat more new Americans with dignity in immigration speech

[Nov 20, 17:50 PT]  In a groundbreaking speech, Barack Obama announced this evening that he is using his authority and discretion as President to end the oppression of over five million new Americans by granting them a reprieve from the threat of deportation, provided they identify themselves to the federal government and pay their taxes.... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- Immigrant rights backers rally to Obama order in Seattle

[Nov 20, 14:05 PT]  Lisette Llerna has lived "in the shadows" since emigrating in 2001 from Peru to America.She stood Thursday in the shadows of Seattle’s Federal Building to celebrate President Obama’s pending order that will allow her to live and work in the open. Her message?"We are here. We are your friends, your neighbors,... read more

Politics Northwest
- Patty Murray urges Obama to stay firm on immigration action

[Nov 17, 13:01 PT]  WASHINGTON -- Sen. Patty Murray and her fellow Democratic leaders on Monday urged President Obama to stick to his resolve to act unilaterally on immigration reform, which has incensed conservatives and triggered threats of another government shutdown. In a letter to Obama, the lawmakers say immigrant communities have... read more


Climate Change
Boise Guardian
- Mass Transit Needs Masses, Too Expensive

[Nov 24, 12:26 PT]  [Image] FOR THE COST OF A TROLLEY BOISE COULD BUY 240 BUSES. Ron Harriman is a guy who tends to use science and math to make his points. Here is his take on recent calls for a transit system in the Treasure Valley. By Ron Harriman My research has led me to conclude that in a basically rural area, transit fares will only... read more

Cliff Mass Weather Blog
- When sun in Seattle is good sign for snow in the Cascades

[Nov 22, 16:00 PT]  Life has its seeming contradictions. There was some nice sun in Seattle this afternoon and that was ironically a good sign for mountain snow lovers. How could that be true? First, the are a few cam shots Saturday looking at Seattle from Queen Anne and the other from the UW. [Image] [Image] There... read more

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Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Nov 20, 08:38 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) A week later, Ada roads still icy (Boise Statesman, Nampa Press Tribune) Idaho Health Exchange holds open house (IF Post Register)... read more

Sightline Daily
- All the World’s Carbon Pricing Systems in One Animated Map

[Nov 17, 06:30 PT]  Oregon and Washington leaders are contemplating turbocharging their clean energy transition by instituting carbon pricing here in the Pacific Northwest. Will a cap or tax on carbon work? Has anyone else ever done this before? Why, yes. Since you ask: Scandinavian countries have been pricing carbon for more than two... read more

Persuasion, Perseverance, and Patience
- Sunday morning toons: Non-crimes and plain old demeanors

[Nov 16, 09:13 PT]  [Image] So here's what we know: If Obama takes legal, Constitutionally provided-for, unilateral action regarding immigration, against the will Congressional Republicans who swore in January 2009 to renounce him and all his satanic works whatever they might be, even if they were essentially the same actions once taken by... read more

Sightline Daily
- Weekend Reading 11/14/14

[Nov 14, 06:30 PT]  Alan You probably don’t think you want to read a six-page account of the Washington State budget, with charts and tables and citations, and if you’re not a resident of the state, you’re probably right. But if you are resident, you’re mistaken. State Representative Ross Hunter has written a compelling and understandable... read more

Ft. Boise
- Warming in the Arctic

[Dateline Unknown]  Dana Nuccitelli has a nice animation illustrating confirmation bias in this blog post on Skeptical Science about the Arctic sea ice extent this year, the 6th lowest on record. The 34 year trend in the graph is not yet "down by half" but close to it, and headed that way, even as the variation includes ten episodes of... read more

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