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Seattle Transit Blog
- Post-2016 Tunnel Buses

[Sep 30, 07:15 PT]  [Image] King County Metro and Sound Transit are still in discussions about which, and how many, buses to run in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel after U-Link opens in 2016. Sound Transit and Metro are looking at running 40-50 buses in each direction during the peak hour, assuming 6-minute headway on Link trains,... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- County Council cancels next 2 rounds of bus service cuts

[Sep 29, 17:00 PT]  After a weekend that saw Metro ax 28 low-ridership bus routes, the Metropolitan King County Council decided Monday to cancel two more planned cuts set to kick in next year and early in 2016. The projected cuts would have eliminated 16 routes and 250,000 annual service hours in February, and an additional 80,000 annual... read more

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- Open Thread 9/29

[Sep 29, 16:51 PT]  - Sorry it’s so late. I think even though I knew it was coming I wasn’t prepared for this crappy new bus reality. Should be back to regular soon. – Whitewashing History – Hillsboro’s environmental record is really something to strive for. – Macefield Music Fest! – It’s a... read more

The Stranger Blog
- A Hopefully Great New Home (in the Same Spot) for Hugo House

[Sep 29, 16:19 PT]  [Image] If current plans work out, this building will be gone by the middle of 2016 and a new building will be under construction in its place. Hugo House Executive Director Tree Swenson has not made a secret of the fact that the literary nonprofit is facing some big changes. Early this year, she floated the idea of... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Tomorrow: Madison BRT Open House

[Sep 29, 11:00 PT]  [Image] TMP Madison Corridor Tomorrow, from 5 to 7 PM, at the Silver Cloud Hotel on Broadway, the Seattle Department of Transportation will host an open house forthe Madison BRT project.Madison Street, from Colman Dock to 23rd Ave, was identified in Seattle’s 2012 Transit Master Plan as a high-priority corridor which... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Sound Transit Listens to Public, Seattle Subway, Will Study Sand Point Crossing

[Sep 29, 07:00 PT]  When Sound Transit presented planned updates to their Long Range Plan to the PSRC last Thursday, there was some blockbuster news for local transit advocates: Sound Transit is adding a Corridor 14, The Sand Point Crossing, to its long range plan for additional study. The Sand Point Crossing was first covered bySeattle... read more

Olympia Time
- Future historians rejoice! (Olyblogosphere for September 29, 2014)

[Sep 29, 06:37 PT]  1. There are fake bees. Nothing to be scared of, Janet Partlow blogs. They aren't even the scarier of bugs. Just flies that want to be left alone. 2. Like the first rain calling coho back to the freshwater, they call Mojourner back to the blog. Or, something like that. 3. Rebels By Bus is just a cool idea and a cool blog.... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Sunday Open Thread: Toronto’s New Streetcar

[Sep 28, 08:00 PT]  [Image] [Image]

Blog Town, PDX
- Facebook Fails to Explain Its Discriminatory and Dangerous 'Real Names' Policy

[Sep 26, 14:24 PT]  [Image] It's a hubbub that's been bubbling to the surface over the past couple of months: In accordance with the company's guidelines, Facebook is quixotically enforcing its "real names" policy, with the primary targets for enforcement thus far being drag queens, burlesque performers, and others operating Facebook pages... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Further Reflections on the Senior Fare

[Sep 26, 12:15 PT]  [Image] Source: OECD.StatExtracts, 2012 U.S. figures (click to access) A while backI launched an interesting conversation about the senior fare. After reading the comments and reflecting on the questions some more, here are some further thoughts: It’s pointless to begrudge someone getting a better deal than you.... read more
- Open Thread 9.25_2014-AD

[Sep 25, 08:00 PT]  - King County Metro: Prepare For Bus Cuts This Weekend – Poor Clint Didier can’t even get the murder weapon fetishists on his side (second story). – What the everloving fuck, Fox News? – Every 28 hours a black man is killed by the police. This time it’s Cameron Tillman, a 14 year-old freshman gunned... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: We do not have an endless amount of money

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring: last night's Sound Transit meeting at Northgate and Wisconsin.


Climate Change
Ridenbaugh Press
- An origin story for Judge Lodge

[Sep 30, 08:38 PT]  [Image] CHRIS CARLSON   Carlson Chronicles One might call it the equivalent of the quarterback sneak play, only in this case the quarterback, Ed Lodge, an All American at the position for Boise Junior College, and then a “Little” All American at the College of Idaho, knew nothing about the play. Edward J. Lodge, who... read more
- Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

[Sep 27, 00:36 PT]  ONN: The Onion Week in Review. Liberal Viewer: Republicans crush students with debt rather than invest in the future. Thom: Stop conservatives before they kill AGAIN. Obama addresses the U.N. Michael Brooks: GOP ad tries to attempts to reach women, demeans them instead: Puppet Nation: Obama’s new security advisor.... read more

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- ... In Which Hillsboro Leaves the Rest of America Eating Green Dust

[Sep 26, 11:43 PT]  When it comes to Oregon’s most pro-environment communities, one might think of Portland, Ashland, or Corvallis. But in using green power, Hillsboro leaves the rest of Oregon (and America) in the dust. The news comes via the EPA’s Green Power Community Challenge, which looks at the percentage of a community's power consumed... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- The global warming reason to vote?

[Sep 26, 09:26 PT]  [Image] MARK TRAHANT   Austerity The People’s Climate March in New York City Sunday was supposed to be huge. There were some 1,500 organizations as sponsors, including several indigenous groups from around the world, expecting more than 100,000 people. But they were wrong because more than 310,000 people showed and... read more

Sightline Daily
- Weekend Reading 9/26/14

[Sep 26, 06:30 PT]  [Image] Alan My favorite wrap-up of this week’s UN Climate Summit. We put this in the Daily—about how Cascadia could become a climate refuge, attracting immigrants from harder hit locales—but have you considered this? The region’s cities all have comprehensive plans that assume certain amounts of population... read more

Strange Bedfellows
- Environmental billionaire targets two Republican state senators

[Sep 24, 18:43 PT]  Two Republican legislators seeking re-election, state Sens. Andy Hill and Steve O’Ban, have been targeted for defeat by a political committee, founded by California billionaire Tom Steyer, that wants action to curb greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Steyer is a major political ally of Washington’s... read more

- Oregon Business Leaders Call for Action on Climate Change

[Sep 23, 16:02 PT]  By Kelley Meck of Portland, Oregon. Kelley is a campaign professional turned law student at Lewis & Clark Law School. Previously, Kelley contributed "A Democratic wave year? In the State Senate, don't rule it out!" Add this to the list of organizations and individuals clamoring for action on climate change: the Oregon... read more

Politics Northwest
- California billionaire Tom Steyer drops $1 million on WA elections

[Sep 22, 20:46 PT]  California billionaire Tom Steyer -- a climate activist and political ally of Gov. Jay Inslee -- has entered Washington state's 2014 elections in a big way, sending $1 million here in an expected effort to help Democrats take control of the state Senate. Steyer donated $1 million last week to NextGen Climate Action's... read more

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