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Seattle Transit Blog
- Sound Transit Updates Long Range Plan

[Oct 31, 11:45 PT]  [Image] Where to next? Photo via: Dennis Hamilton Yesterday the Sound Transit (ST) Board met to review the Long Range Plan (LRP) update, including discussion of the existing LRP textand corridors. As a reminder, the LRP representsthe fiscally unconstrained vision of the Sound Transit system, selections from whichwill be... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- ST3 Funding Options

[Oct 31, 07:30 PT]  [Image] Revenue Options for a "Large" ST3 package Sound Transit held a board workshop on Thursday to begin considering financingoptions for ST3, the draft update to its Long Range Plan (LRP), and thetimeline to a potential ST3 vote in 2016. This article covers the fundingaspect (slides here) and timeline because... read more

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The Stranger Blog
- Guest Editorial: How Metro-Funding Prop 1 Moves Us Toward the Bus System We Deserve

[Oct 31, 06:00 PT]  [Image] Levi Hastings Before we fully kick this editorial off, I want to get a few things straight: I don’t own a car. I use the bus nearly every day. At the Washington Bus, where I work, most of my coworkers aren’t car owners, either. Metro buses are how we get to the office, to friend’s houses, and... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Revenue Projections Meet Reality

[Oct 28, 07:00 PT]  [Image] Clark Williams-Derry, Sightline: For far too long, “build now, pay later” has been the transportation budgeter’s mantra. In the 2000s, for example, W ashingtoncommitted itself to massive road projects that it didn’t have the money to build. So the state floated bonds, assuming that revenue from gas taxes would show... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- November 2014 Election Endorsements

[Oct 27, 07:42 PT]  Here are STB’s endorsements for the November election. We’ve already written about our support for Seattle Transportation Proposition 1 (more bus service) and rejection of Seattle Citizen Petition 1 (monorail planning). As always, our endorsements are entirely the product of a candidate’s positions and... read more

Seattle Transit Blog
- Sunday Open Thread: Chicago BRT

[Oct 26, 08:05 PT]  [Image] [Image]

Sightline Daily
- Washington State Traffic Forecast Finally Recognizes Reality

[Oct 21, 06:30 PT]  This is far and away the most responsible official traffic forecast I’ve seen from any government agency, ever: [Image] VMT forecast comparison by Washington OFM, Transportation Revenue Forecast Council It’s from a new transportation revenue forecast(pdf link, see p. 27)recently published by the Washington... read more

Crosscut Fizz/Jolt
- Morning Fizz: We do not have an endless amount of money

[Dateline Unknown]  Caffeinated news and gossip featuring: last night's Sound Transit meeting at Northgate and Wisconsin.


Marijuana / Drugs
Strange Bedfellows
- Marijuana legalization: A rockier road in the Beaver State

[Oct 31, 18:39 PT]  Supporters of legal marijuana were up, up and away with hope as Washington voted two years ago, with pre-election polls showing pot would pass handily. It did, even piercing the "Cascade Curtain" for victories in Eastern Washington counties. The battle over legalization this year in Oregon is showing that the grass may be... read more

The Stranger Blog
- Giant Banks Don't Want Drug Cash Because They Are Terrified of the Federal Risks—So What Are New Pot Businesses Doing with Their Dough?

[Oct 31, 14:15 PT]  [Image] JAMES YAMASAKI In these early days of marijuana legalization, the million-dollar question is what to do with a million dollars. Cash is bulky, dangerous, and inconvenient for paying taxes, but you have to do something with it. And cannabis entrepreneurs can't just take it to Bank of America and make a deposit like... read more

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The Stranger Blog
- Under-the-Radar Weed Farmers Critique I-502 and Explain Why They're Doing Things the Old-Fashioned W ay—Illegally

[Oct 30, 16:30 PT]  [Image] Mike Force(We’ve changed all their names and these drawings are imaginary.) Jennifer, 31 Years Old Why did you start growing pot? Because I think that it can help people. I've smoked pot my whole life. I think that it's a positive thing. Is it your full-time job? No. I work in the beer industry. I like hops,... read more

Blog Town, PDX
- Tonight in Music: Eyelids, Eyehategod/Iron Reagan, Shred of the Dead & More

[Oct 30, 11:20 PT]  EYELIDS, THE MINDERS, DENIM WEDDING(The Secret Society, 116 NE Russell) See My, What a Busy Week! EYEHATEGOD, POWER TRIP, IRON REAGAN, WEHRMACHT, AT THE SEAMS, CHRONOLOGICAL I NJUSTICE(Bossanova Ballroom, 722 E Burnside) News flash: The world isn't entirely parties, puppies, and peaches. There are also class wars,... read more

- Why Monsanto and pals are working so hard to defeat Measure 92

[Oct 30, 10:18 PT]  By Eecole Copen of Portland, Oregon. Eecole is a registered dietitian and an advocate for sustainable food systems. Last week, she received the 2014 Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Excellence Award at the national conference for dietitians in Atlanta, Georgia. Let's talk about labeling GMOs. We need to look at the... read more

Politics Northwest
- GOP cries foul over mailers targeting state Sen. Andy Hill

[Oct 29, 18:45 PT]  The Republican Senate Campaign Committee is disputing an assertion made in mailers opposing state Sen. Andy Hill, R-Redmond. Hill is facing Democrat Matt Isenhower in a race that could decide which party controls the Senate after election day. Brent Ludeman, executive director for the Senate Republican Campaign Committee,... read more

- I'm all about that Face, bout that Face, No Twitter!

[Oct 29, 14:37 PT]  Q. What do you have that Monsanto doesn't have? A. Facebook friends That's right, you have the ability to be the best Get Out the Vote effort this world has ever seen, and it will just take you a minute. Visit In under a minute, all of the friends you have on Facebook in Oregon (whose ballots have not yet... read more

- Salem City Council (sort of) endorses marijuana legalization

[Oct 28, 14:35 PT]  Last night Statesman Journal reporter Michael Rose tweeted: Breaking: Salem City Council approves 10% sales tax on recreational marijuana if voters legalize it. Today a story appeared on the SJ web site. If Oregon voters in November legalize marijuana for recreational use, Salem will be ready with a new city tax on pot... read more

- SJ anti-Measure 91 editorial so bad, it makes case for legal marijuana

[Oct 27, 12:00 PT]  Sometimes the Salem Statesman Journal's editorial positions are so poorly thought-out, they end up making the case for an opposing view. Such happened with yesterday's abysmally illogical "Legalizing marijuana would fuel failure." Download Legalizing marijuana would fuel failure So thank you, editorial... read more

Isaac Laquedem
- Endorsements II: The high (Measure 91) and the mighty (Measure 87)

[Oct 23, 18:13 PT]  The Oregon constitution prohibits persons who are employed in one branch of our government from holding a paying position in either of the other branches, with some exceptions. This prohibits judges, who are employed by the judicial branch, from teaching in public colleges and the University of Oregon law school (Oregon's... read more

PERRspectives Blog
- Conservatives Forget Bush was America's First Cokehead-in-Chief

[Oct 22, 11:30 PT]  The conservative commentariat is having a field day at the expense of Hunter Biden, the vice president's 44 year-old son who was discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine use. For its part, the Weekly Standard decried the "limited duty" reserve commission program under which Biden achieved his rank,... read more

- Marijuana legalization opponents make the case for legal pot

[Oct 21, 20:51 PT]  I'm feeling good about Oregon legalizing recreational marijuana in a few weeks. Measure 91 has been polling well. Donations on the "Yes" side have far exceeded those on the "No" side. [Image] And legalization opponents haven't been able to come up with any persuasive arguments against Measure... read more

Health Care
Ridenbaugh Press
- A test of policy, not character

[Oct 29, 10:08 PT]  [Image] MARK TRAHANT   Austerity I have to confess: I hate most political advertising. There is this idea in American politics that the best way to win is to knock the other person down. Alaska is a case in point where misleading ads about character are common. An ad for Republican candidate Dan Sullivan complains... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- On the front pages

[Oct 29, 09:07 PT]  [Image] Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location) Hospitals see more mental illness cases (Boise Statesman) Boise building plan held in 2008 may be back (Boise Statesman) Idaho... read more

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- For the environment, John Kitzhaber is hands-down the right choice for Governor.

[Oct 29, 09:01 PT]  By Doug Moore of Portland, Oregon. Doug is the executive director of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. The Oregon League of Conservation Voters endorsed Gov. Kitzhaber for re-election because he shares our values, understands our issues, and we know he can deliver on our priorities. John Kitzhaber has a strong... read more

- On birth control, Kitzhaber is a champion for all Oregon women

[Oct 27, 11:09 PT]  By Michele Stranger Hunter of Portland, Oregon. Michele is the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon. Last week, the National Women's Health Network, a national organization committed to advancing women's health, praised Governor John Kitzhaber saying, "Policymakers like Governor Kitzhaber make a real difference in... read more

Ridenbaugh Press
- Will the voters take him out?

[Oct 27, 09:03 PT]  [Image] CHUCK MALLOY   In Idaho This year’s governor’s race comes down to whether Idaho voters care about crony capitalism, where political cronies and campaign donors profit under the name of “serving the public’s interest.” Democratic challenger A.J. Balukoff is using the stretch run of this campaign to bring up two... read more

Sightline Daily
- Weekend Reading 10/24/14

[Oct 24, 06:25 PT]  Alan A passionate and surprisingly plausible argument that “douchebag” is that unheard of epithets: a slur used to delegitimize white males. Affordable owner-occupied housing inside city limits? Hard to come by in Cascadia’s big cities, especially in Vancouver, BC, where bungalows commonly list for $1.2 million. But what... read more

PERRspectives Blog
- Repeal Obamacare and 25 Million People Lose Health Insurance. Period.

[Oct 23, 10:50 PT]  From the beginning, the magnitude of Republicans' lies about Obamacare has been directly proportional to their fears it would succeed. First it was "death panels," which Politifact cited as its 2009 Lie of the Year. In 2010, it was the Affordable Care Act's mythical "government takeover of health care," a fraud that earned... read more

PERRspectives Blog
- GOP Wants AIDS, Schiavo Mythmaker Bill Frist as Ebola Czar

[Oct 21, 11:55 PT]  Not content with having blocked President Obama's nominee for Surgeon General over his common sense description of gun violence as a public health issue, Republicans in and out of Congress want one of their own to be the President's point-man on Ebola. Instead of Ron Klain, conservatives including Rep. Marsha Blackburn... read more

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